Breath Circle

An Intro to the biology of breath, with mindful movement,
and a guided breath session connecting mind, body and spirit.

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Breath circles provide a supportive and safe container to share deep learning and self discovery.

What is the format of the experience?

Firstly, gentle movement allows the group to integrate, and calms the Nervous System and Endocrine System.
Then, setting clear intentions allows us to contemplate what we will let go of, and what we will invite it.
Before beginning the practice, breath demonstration clearly teaches the technique.
Breathing for over an hour, this allows the release of unprocessed emotions, the opening of the breath pattern and deep physical and mental changes.
After breathing, a opportunity to share creates a group experience and deepens community connections.
A closing ceremony fully completes the experience safely.

Support is available with coaches afterwards as required.



Upcoming Breath Circles